Having the number of a trustworthy handyman on your phone to perform odd jobs and maintenance tasks at your house or office can bring a wide range of benefits. To understand the full extent of these benefits, you need to call JOPAT General Contracting. Our company specializes in building pergolas & gazebos, and all kinds of wood & concrete work. If you are in Aubrey, TX and need to know more about our work, read the information below.

Our Services


Painting is one of the most effective methods to rejuvenate a home or business environment. As skilled handymen, we perform both interior & exterior paintwork at pretty affordable prices. If you want to rejuvenate your property, call our team, and we will show you all the colors and tones you can select.

Lighting Installation & TV Mounting in Aubrey, TX

If you intend to upgrade your lighting during a remodeling project, we are here for you. We replace and install a variety of new light fixtures and televisions, as well. Once you buy a brand-new plasma TV, call us to handle the installation for you. Our technicians can also install lamps, chandeliers, and many other variations of lighting.


Do you have any minor plumbing issues around the house? Our handyman service provider can help! If you intend to call a plumbing contractor for a few dripping faucets and a running toilet, think again. We are familiar with the newest technology and methods when dealing with any small problems, like clogged drains, broken garbage disposals, leaky faucets, etc.


Sheetrock Repair & Door Frame Repair

Sheetrock Repair

Our team of skilled technicians can also repair drywall and door frames. If the doors in your home or office can’t close tightly, or the drywall needs to be touched up, you need our handyman home maintenance service. We repair, finish, and paint drywall surfaces to make them look new again. We address cracks, holes, dents, and general wear and tear. 

Garage Epoxy Floors

Garage Epoxy Floors

What do you have to know about epoxy floors? Epoxy coatings (usually two layers) are applied to floors in garages, basements, and other wet areas to adhere to any concrete flooring for a much more dramatic look. It also adds a super high gloss finish that no conventional paint can match, and it is also waterproof mold & mildew resistant. We will be glad to assist you with our floor maintenance services.


Pergolas and gazebos are some of the most efficient, beautiful, and functional outdoor structures. You can contact our experienced technicians to help you increase the value of your home. We can recommend specific materials, styles, and designs to meet your needs. Our company only uses high-quality timber for all projects.

More Services


Make sure to reach out to our local handyman company for carpet installation and any concrete work. We will get the job done, complying with your unique needs and project specifications. Our team also provides paving services. We install elegant and durable concrete driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.

Plenty of Advantages

Our affordable handyman is highly skilled and has extensive knowledge in a large amount of repair and installation work. Hence, we can assure you that all the tasks on your list will be instantly and most efficiently checked off by our technicians. Our local odd-jobbers will save you so much money from calling expensive contractors. We would like to have the chance to maintain your property at very reasonable rates.

How Do We Operate?

With our variety of services and qualifications, we help the local community to keep all structural and other problems under control. We are great local problem solvers and maintenance professionals who can perform repairs in residential and commercial settings. Whatever we do, we have one mission – to help you achieve your goals with advanced techniques and tools.

We Welcome Customers from These Areas

We feel happy to know that our general handyman services are popular in Aubrey, TX and its surroundings. Below, you can see a list of the additional locations we serve:

– Savannah, TX
– Highland Village, TX
– Celina, TX
– Lake Dallas, TX
– Providence Village Town, TX

If you need additional information, JOPAT General Contracting‘ phone number is displayed on this page. Give us a call now. 

Client’s Testimonial

by DeAnie Martino on JOPAT General Contracting
honest-quality work- a needed number for repairs

John is a great repairs man and one I’d call anytime I need repairs. He is a trusted go to person when I need home repairs.

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